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Default Re: Anna Hayes-nee Diana Katherine Herhenreader-aka Diane Kathryn Smith-Anna Gruber

Originally Posted by Sadie View Post
I have come across her various writings before.
Some of it rings true, some of it - not so much.
But not for me to judge her, or to judge anyone.

Like all other information, accept what feels right to you,
and walk away from areas that seem suspicous or untrustworthy.

More than once, I have returned to embrace ideas I had previously rejected, completely and totally rejected.

I had a similar experience myself and took some time for me to analyze and elucidate all the information. I also found a lot of historical information that corroborate much of the information given in Voyagers II

Then I tried the techniques, and I must say that at that time I was a light body teacher which requires intensive intuitive development. Well I was rather impressed by the strenght of the currents of energy and so I continued working with all the free techniques

My life changed, it was like veils dropping one after another and I think what totaly made it for me is that the fibromyalgia I was suffering for more than a decade totally disapeared!

I am a researcher and kept a detached view of the whole thing. All that I can say is that the information given by Ashayana is detailed and very logical, the ethos of the 12 responsibilities of mastery good principles to live by and the techniques really effective. Appart from that, every workshop is a planetary clinic aimed at helping humanity.

I have not found anything more comprehesive than the Freedom Teachings

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