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Default Re: Could not believe what I saw on television tonight down under.

I think people are slowly starting wake up. Just in the past week and a half I:

1. Heard a group of people openly talking about the Roswell crash and the technology that we acquired from it as i was walking down the street.

2. Had an extended conversation with an old man (about 70 years old, i'm 25) at the laundry mat about the possibility of a secret space program, and ancient ruins on the moon and mars.

3. Had a conversation with several people i have known for quite a while about 9/11, and was suprised to discover that they all believe that we have been lied to.

4. Overheard a man talking on his cell phone about the dire need for change in government at the county tax collector's office of all places.

To me these are signs that people are begining to wake up and be more open about it. A year ago i would never have expected to have all of these experiences in such a short span of time.
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