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Default Re: Could not believe what I saw on television tonight down under.

Originally Posted by Tuza View Post
I saw a documentary on the fire fighters in New York done by a brother of one the New York fire fighters on 9/11. It was amazing to watch but also very sad. I am still upset about this, it was very moving, but knowing who was behind it made me very mad, considering everyone at the time thought it was terrorists outside the US. Then, believe it or night David Letterman came on right after this with Barack Obama as special guest. Letterman asked him about 9/11 and what he would have done differently and Obama said he thought Bush had done a good job and Obama was talking to the American people as if the overseas terrorists were still the ones that perpertrated this evil attack, the terrorists overseas. I could not believe what I was hearing. I cannot believe with all the information I have, even apart from Kerry and Bill that they still sit there believing all this.

Prediction: Those that are responsible for this and their relations better start worrying NOW about what is going to happen to them and come out and do something to help their souls at this level, if you don't come forward I feel very sorry for you, because the time of your reckoning is right now.
Upsetting isn't it? Our mainstreamedia here is a joke.
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