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Default Re: The adamantine particles - the sacred magnetic heart

"If I were going to tell you where the heart fits within the pattern of existence, this would be a visual way of illustrating it for you. The heart is essentially the center point of stillness and peace from which one views infinity. As a being views infinity, he is activating all levels of potential within and around himself. The love that he is, the one spirit, and the adamantine particles assemble their patterns of existence under the heart's guidance. A person's soul is the integrated oneness of love, spirit, adamantine particles, experience, deeds, hopes, and dreams which comprise his life. The heart is the soul's gateway, both into life and beyond into eternity. The heart is the timeless and indestructible source of all higher knowledge. It is the one point within each person where the inner and outer forces are the same. Within the heart, the will of God and your own may be brought into harmony."

From " Love without end "

Love Always
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