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Default Re: Do you believe the Billy Meier Case ?

Greetings, honorable Avaloniers,

I would refer Member Free-UFO-Videos (and the honorable Member Luminari, to a lesser Extent) to the following:
A/'The Essence of the Notes'(, namely here:

(briefly:"The following sub-sections describe various extraterrestrial races which include: Acart, Agharta, DALs, Desmon, Dwarfs, Exes, Giants, Kartag, Lesa, Lyrians, Neber, Nesar, Taro, Time Travelers, and Zeta Reticulans.


Other life forms in other star systems 1.27-38
During Meier’s very first contact with Semjase, she told him that other planets in this solar system have long since been devoid of life or are in the first stages of development. However, other solar systems have many kinds of life that are not only human. The animal and human forms of life are varied. Also, many animal forms and even plant forms of life have developed higher states of consciousness. So, there exists life forms that have acquired much knowledge and have freed themselves from their home worlds. They have traveled through the universe and have also come to Earth. Many of them are rather nasty contemporaries and live in a certain barbarism that exists on Earth. Mankind ought to be on its guard because these entities often attack and destroy anything that gets in their way. They have destroyed whole planets or beaten their inhabitants into barbarous bondage. One of the Pleiadian missions is to warn Earth humans of these creatures. Meier is told to let this be known to humanity because more and more time approaches when a conflict with these entities will become unavoidable")

(specially from 1:58:45)

Those interested in the so-called Meier Case could find it worth visiting this Link(Section 'Sprituality'; Thread: 'Goblet of Truth'):



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