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Default Re: Do you believe the Billy Meier Case ?

Originally Posted by 371 View Post
Hey relax guy!

Just look at the famous 'i want to believe' pic, someone on here has it as their avatar. Some of the other pics appear to have a little bit of a bend in them too, some more than others depending on the angle.

But it doesn't really matter. It looks like you've made your mind up and that's fine- I've already stated my opinion in previous a previous post (not the last one).

Everyone's gotta come to their own conclusion- and yours is as good as mine though we disagree.

I'm not busting balls, just take a breath...
Ok I guess I am maybe too 'passionate' about this topic

I don't like personally upsetting anyone. But you were attacking a one armed man of great intelligence and value who is worthy alot more respect than what I am seeing reflected by alot of the people here.

The 'I want to believe' TV culture UFO image you are referring to has absolutely nothing to do with the Meier case.. it is not/was not/will never be an authentic picture of a Plejaren beamship and is a fake image altogether.

Yes I too have seen allegedly real UFO pics that have the properties/dimensions where one side is 'bent'. But not any in relation to this thread about the Meier case which I have investigated extensively for years.
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