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Default Re: Network for Toronto, Canada

Originally Posted by eXchanger View Post
and, if you can get to there,
you can get to here !!!

i am finishing a minor reno in my house,
which should be completed,
within 7 days,
i am south of the hwy in the trees !!!

what date, will we choose to do this ???

i need a group for a 10/10/2008-

An "eXchange" party
maybe, we can video it,
and, see what we shift !!!

is there anyone on this list,
that is game for that ???

If we get too many,
eXchangers, we will shift it, to a bigger location

pls rrsp: subject "eXchange party- 10/10/2008"
I just joined this forum to say hello to all my unknown Toronto friends. I've been a Camelot fan since their beginning as I could not resist the quality Bill and Kerry brought. I have seen a UFO, had a NDE, and feel confident our white hats have turned the tide and we the people are starting our adventure. Count me in for any gathering!
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