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Default Re: A musical interlude

Great song folks
Listen and enjoy
A gift from the stars ..

Beyond the veil

Open up your eyes
Look out into the day
Remember once again
That you’re a part of everything
Look at the life that you’ve created,
nothing is the way it was,
your dream is here, you made it.

When the stars were bright
you moved beyond the veil,
And made yourself a promise
That you’d embrace what you had found.
Soaring and gliding through the changes,
Nothing is the way it was -
And may it never be....

You’ll find yourself and heal your heart,
Know the safety
Be the love you were right from the start.
Let everything be-
Let everything go-

Out beyond the veil
You truly know.

Once there lived a man
Who thought his life was over,
Young and sad and broken-
He decided, “One more time”...
That was so long ago...

Nothing is the way it seems,
It never really was...

Love Always
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