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The following is an edited part of a couple of earlier posts. Wouldn't it be quite amazing if a young woman...or a young androgynous person...has been running things here on Earth...for thousands of years? 1. 2. 3. I see one interdimensional reptilian...reincarnating through hundreds or thousands of in an underground stargate temple complex (under the Giza Plateau?)...for centuries and millenia. I see this one interdimensional reptilian behind all of the major religions. What if God has been (and is?) a young black woman in league with extraterrestrial humans and interdimensional reptilians? What would Joe the Plumber say? I also could be very wrong. I'm just trying to specialize in speculation which is rooted in honest research and reflection.

The reptilian phenomenon puzzles me. Who controls who? Did Amen Ra use reptilians as guards and soldiers, etc? Or...did reptilians possess and control Amen Ra...and subsequently control the world? Perhaps Hathor was (and is?) fighting battles on many a sort of a mediator/ keep light on the Earth (or to keep the Earth enslaved?). Perhaps few people know how much it really blood, sweat, tears, and keep life and light on the Earth. I'm seeing both a rational and irrational being...a kind and cruel being...a sort of Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. This could go with the territory of being a deity. I truly think it would be best if we could evolve to the point where we would not need to have any gods.

I just noticed that this Amen Ra thread was started on 12/14/09...and that the Thuban Q&A thread was started on 01/04/09. Is this merely a coincidence? (actually...I thought it started on 12/25/09...but I looked just now and it seems to have started on 01/04/10. Strange. The join dates for a lot of the participants...including abraxasinas was December 2009.) abraxasinas/walk-in said that they read this thread...and seemed to like it. The following was posted on 01/07/10:

Quote: Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron

If you have the time and inclination...take a look at this thread regarding Amen Ra (and friends!?): There is an evolution of speculation in this thread. It's sort of a 'Discovering Egyptology' thread. I don't expect a I don't really have a question. You might find the naivety and innocence refreshing!


Hi orthodoxymoron!

I have read your thread and your 'egyptology' is highly relevant for the present time as 'Egypt' became the repository for the Atlantean data base and exodus and the wayshower for the present nexus time in the monuments of the pyramids and the sphinx. Also the Egyptian mythos was used to compose the hermetic archetypes later resurfacing in Mesopotamia then becoming the Torah (via Gilgamesh and such) and the bible. Iow the Egyptian archetypes, numerics, hieroglyphs and pantheons all are manifesting right now in the times of the fulfilment of the 'prophecies'.


I found the following abraxasinas/walk-in answers to be quite interesting:

Is the so called Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan really a Human vs Reptilian conflict?

Or is it really between two individual beings?
No, its between the One being in controversy with itself.

What are the soteriological implications of the human nature of Jesus Christ?
The Logos incarnated as a unique oneness so this oneness could become a manyness at the fulfilment of the timeline as programmed by the logos.

Is the substitutionary the context of the Old Testamental sacrificial system...a theological milestone...or a historical necessity?
It past its use by date. The lambs are Aries, the goats are Capricorns and the calves are Taurians as starsigns. The 'blood sacrifice' of the physical animal has become replaced by the ordering of 'birthrights' of the 12 signs/apostles/sons of Jacob etc - all of whom are within you - if you can handle THAT Story.

Is theology at the center of disclosure?

Is Christocentric Egyptological Science Fiction a valid theological foundation or expression in modernity?
Another label attempting to describe the ubiquity of the logos.

Would a Non-Penetential, Non-Sacrificial, Ecumenical Namaste Mass...based upon the Latin Mass be a valid focal point for a Minimalist, Humanistic Theocracy based upon Namaste Constitutional Responsible Freedom?
This kind of 'mass' does not concern the Thuban Council.

Is the All Seeing Eye at the Top of the Pyramid illuminated by the Dog Star Sirius?
One of many labels for the solar eye of Horus and the lunar eye of Thoth.

How important is Sirius?
First Contact Star.

Is the God of This World the Prince of Sirius?
Yes amongst all other 'princes'.

Should the Protestant Reformation have been based upon the Teachings of Jesus?
They were.

Are the Teachings of Jesus alone fundamental...and the rest of scripture merely contextual?
Yes, absolutely.

Do Reptilian Beings hate Jesus Christ?
No, they are like humans, some understand others do not.

If so...why? Is there a 'Heaven' in M-42 in Orion?
Heaven does not exist anyplace but your own mind.

What type of beings might be found in this portion of the heavens?
Whatever you can imagine and image.

Is there hope and redemption for all beings in the Universe?
All are already redeemed, without exception.

Namaste Constitutional Responsible Freedom

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