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Default Re: Anna Hayes-nee Diana Katherine Herhenreader-aka Diane Kathryn Smith-Anna Gruber

Originally Posted by Derek View Post
Thank You for posting that information it really puts it in perspective. Ive always suspected this, I get a really bad intuitive vibe from Anna and Laura.
To have the real picture you may want to consider both sides there is another version of events here

Nevertheles, I understand that many find the scientific part a bit challenging which is the reason Asha gets attacked

I think that to make a informed opinion about someone we can not rely on gossip, the information of th MCEO is not about Anna Hayes, she did not created the information it was given to humanity and she makes no claims that it is hers other that she is acting as speaker

It will also be beneficial to know where this teachings come from

And why they are different

It is also important to say that the videos get removed not because of money, as they get shown freely on the Krystal Spiral gatherings in many countries. They get removed because of people like The Exchanger that are in an uniformed quest to destroy that what they don't know to promote other cults

The Exchanger was the one that brought abrax to this forum and look at the consequences that we are all suffering

I sincerely doubt the Exchanger better judgement and know that she is posting this things to hurt me, because I have a soft spot for Asha and truly admire her dedication. love and compassion.

To bad the exchequer, she will have to deal with the consequenses of her actions not that I will do anything but I don't have to, her DNA had already recorded, register and set the wheels in motion

Love to all
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