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Default Re: Anna Hayes-nee Diana Katherine Herhenreader-aka Diane Kathryn Smith-Anna Gruber

Originally Posted by Moxie View Post
My suggestion to anyone who desires to know her work, is to read the books, read them ALL the way through )which IS a challenging, hard read I admit, but you won't be disappointed, not if you're sincerely open hearted!

Get your own opinion by doing your own research, not reading someone else's context or opinion.

All I can offer is that her work is THE most comprehensive, detailed exposure of the Big picture that I've seen. (And, while I've not yet read another important read on my list, that's Matrix V... it's next) and I so look forward to Asha's next book out this summer I think.

It's EASY to find & post such negative reviews especially when it involves alien/ET content,. give us a break and stop trying to "protect" anyone.

So, Exchanger, once you have the read the entire books, both Voyagers I & II and Angelic Realities, mind you, you will have done well just to accomplish that alone!... but that is when I would like to hear back from you on the matter.

Exchanger? I've read many of your posts, and what you write and "believe" in is way out there too in the fringe department ... are you saying that you just thunk all that up yerself, that you never got your mind pried open via another's writings?

Again, get your view formed by your own subjective, first hand experience of her work.
in one breath, you tell us to: Get your own opinion by doing your own research, not reading someone else's context or opinion

and, in your last breath, you tell us:
to buy ana's work - so; we will have an opinion ???

which is it ???
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