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Default Re: Anna Hayes-nee Diana Katherine Herhenreader-aka Diane Kathryn Smith-Anna Gruber

I am going on defense of Laura Knight-Jadczyk.(so here goes my rant)
I have been reading the material since about 94-95.
( most of it FREE on line )
Yes some of it is channeled then she and or a group will go read and research extensively. ( the channeling is NOT taken as gospel.. )
If you want to use a past " Master " they refer to often that would be
Gurdjieff and the fourth way. I have followed this forum for some time and to me very few have read the cassiopaean material .
I have been waiting for Kerry's interview since Kerry posted Coming Soon.
Somebody go read the WAVE series at and tell us what you think ? also check out the site and read randomly..
especially the term "external consideration" ( I have seriously got to work on that myself)
More than half of all interviews done by Camelot talk about the coming
chaos, I don't think thats a fear tactic to control members by Laura !
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