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Default Re: Anna Hayes-nee Diana Katherine Herhenreader-aka Diane Kathryn Smith-Anna Gruber


Hi FIIISH I fully respect your perspective

My experience is quite different. For many years since I was a child I suffered from alien abductions. Not that I will be just idle and do nothing about it cos I seemed to have some sort of combat ability

I tried many methods and spent a small fortune trying to free myself from the unwanted nocturnal visitors to no avail

When I found Keylontic Sciences, and I will repeat myself, I found them fairly enough because someone posted a video here; it changed my life

Visitors are gone for good, I can sleep like a baby, after 15 years of suffering from fibromyalgia it is gone! yes for good

Now, I have never gone to one of Easha workshops yet, I am taking my time. But yes I have bought some of her videos and they are absolutely awesome! Science and spirituality combined which is what I was looking for by the way

I know this material is not everybodies taste, and that is ok Easha herself says so with the proviso that Source does not need to recruit anyone for Source is all

These group of people are the kindest, softer and most loving people I ever found. I occasionally see some of them in London and I am grateful for their acquaintance

To understand this material requires study and if I wanted to make a quick buck I will make it easy and use adulation as others do so no, this is not a business, the Azurites quest in my opinion is a quest of love for humanity

The values they have are awesome check them up

As if this is not enough they have a scholarship program for people that have no money and there are six month to a year worth of free techniques in their website appart from hundreds of pages of free information

I have banned the exchequer and don't know what she is saying nor I want to know either

Love to all

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