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Default Re: Anna Hayes-nee Diana Katherine Herhenreader-aka Diane Kathryn Smith-Anna Gruber


I have read three of Anna's/Ashayana's books-Voyagers and Angelic Realities in addition to reading the various threads on Avalon pertaining to her work.

I get the impression that she is using the tried and true "Problem/Solution" method to drawing followers.

As in:

You have a problem:
Due to ET manipulations, you won't be able to ascend and will
be stuck in this reality with no way out-at least not anytime soon.

Her Solution:
Spend large amounts of money, time and energy purchasing,
studying, and implementing her techniques and IF you do everything
right, you will get to ascend.

From what I have read, I do think her publications contain some truth.

However, there is much repetition(Angelic Realities is pretty much
regurgitated information from the Voyagers Books), and a great deal
of unfamiliar, confusing language and terminology. I wonder, if this information
is meant to help as many as possible to protect themselves and ascend, wouldn't
it be logical for it to be written in such a way that it was easy to understand?

I think considering her works has been yet another lesson in discernment for me.

I don't think I will be going any further in that particular direction.

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