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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)


Since you asked me at the start, I suppose I need to know if you understand what induction means?

In the context used in the message you referred to I think this definition is a useful one

The compound word Mindinduction therefore, in the context used, probably refers toa form of inter-dimensional communication.

If you look at it that way it isnt so scary is it?

Another one Bifurcation - - means the splitting of one body into two. Not really that insulting is it, after all without it none of us would be alive.

I believe quadruplistic refers to something formed of four parts or qualities, but it I am not sure - perhaps abraxasinas could help me there.

Either way its not rude and its no cause for concern.

Abraxasinas, please feel free to put all this right if I have it wrong.


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