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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)


Nicely put for someone stuck between the proverbial rock & hard place. Just to clarify something on my behalf... I don't want Abrax banned or silenced. Personally this whole thing, in my opinion, is flawed from the get go. If folk think otherwise (gawd `elp em) or open-minded want to explore / interact I have no intention of stopping them.

Let the readers beware that there is, in others and mine perception / intuition, gobbledegook, shenanigans and occasions of trying to baffle hard objections with Bull ****.

I've no intention of slavishly monitoring this thread so any further postings from me, if any, will be in the form of question Abrax. This I haven't done yet or likely to. In short "WARNING WILL ROBINSON WARNING."

SteveX out.
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