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Default Re: Love and beauty are pervading our world...

"When I was first with Papaji, we were in a humble room on the banks of the Ganga in India. The walls were mildewed, and yet I was struck by the beauty. Everything was shining. The quiet and the presence were all-pervasive. I thought to myself how ironic it is that in the West we have visions of God sitting on a golden throne in heaven. Here I was in a humble little room with strange smells and sounds coming up from the street and I realized, Here is God. Here is God! This is heaven. I am in heaven, and who would have expected it in such a poor place?

The next day he took us for a walk in the marketplace. Such sounds! Such smells! Such grabbing and screaming! Not aesthetically pleasing at all, and I wondered why he'd brought us there. It was so perfect back in the beautiful little room. I looked at him and wordlessly he said, Here too.
In that instant, all noise was penetrated by eternal, abiding silence. The beauty was seen. Even the beggar whose body had been eaten away by leprosy was seen in his beauty.

Perhaps you realize the grace of a moment of beauty. To be true to that grace, you must explore it. See if it truly ends. Does it end when you step into downtown Denver or Manhattan? If true beauty appears to leave, be willing to retreat for a moment, one millisecond, and you will see that true beauty is everywhere, emanating from everything."

"You Are That"

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