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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Stardustaquarion View Post
2004 I lost my eldest daughter to suicide and my physical condition deteriorated (I am presently only a physical wreck unable to walk or stand up without great tremors and muscle spasms).

Beloved Abraxasinas

I missed above, have not been reading your postings regularly. I myself suffered from fibromyalgia for many years and nothing could help me. I left no stone unturned...and then I found Keylontic Sciences and little by little following the journeys I had great improvement. Of course they make no health claims of any class, but think about it, the problems are in our template and so healing the template by correcting the distorssions make sense. I am now fully recovery and with more energy than when I was in my 20's

Unless you seriously underwent monadic reversal and the full fibonacci activation of the death star merkabah, you can get better, even heal yourself if you choose to

It is never too late, and even if you are no longer conected to source you can still use the journeys and improve your condition and have a Krystiac existance of peace and joy. Krystiac has nothing to do with christianity is the primal sound of creation Ka Ra Ya Sa Ta Ha La

Of course this may not be for you at all and I understand that each being has its own desires of exploration, the dead light is a path as well as the living light

I wish you well

In eternal krystiac aqua LaVa
I appreciate your deepfelt and hearty concerns for my cursed dragonhood existence beloved stardustaquarion.
I have not activated my Krytstiac merkabahs and my path is indeed that of the Khaibit as the Guide of the Dead.

The Thubanese guardians of the death and the planetdustedness have decided to remain in Hades and give allegiance to Charon the Ferryman rowing across the River Styx.

We have encountered the great teachings of the Guardian Alliance and that of the Cassiopeans in the orders of the 'Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order' and the 'Future Quantum School of Melchizedek'.

We also have known of the prior sources of those great teachings and have decided to incorporate the earlier source codes instead of the newer assimilated ones.

Love always to our Blue Dragon Sister in the Realms of the Theatres of the Living Oneness.

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