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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by abraxasinas View Post
Your soul is One in Many and Many in One.
You are all of them; Horus, Thoth and Ptah - just ask the Wisdom of the Uraeus in Queen Nefertiti.

It's the Ren, the Ren of the holy name, the cartouche Uncle John, or is it Uncle Anubis now - oh well.

Ptah has spoken his words of wisdom!


Ouch...the serpents bite does sting.

Fear not Uncle are not "Uncle Anubis"...for if you were, you would not have such inquiry.

But I leave you Uncle John with the words of Isis to remove the Poison

"O poison of Tefent, come forth, fall on the ground; go no further. O poison of Befent, come forth, fall on the ground. I am Isis, the goddess, the mistress of words of power. I am a weaver of spells, I know how to utter words so that they take effect.

Hearken to me, O every reptile that biteth (or stingeth), and fall on the ground.

O poison of Mestet, go no further.

O poison of Mestetef, rise not up in his body. O poison of Petet and Thetet, enter not his body.

O poison of Maatet, fall on the ground. Ascend not into heaven, I command you by the beloved of RÔ, the egg of the goose which appeareth from the sycamore.

My words indeed rule to the uttermost limit of the night. I speak to you, O scorpions.

I am alone and in sorrow, and our names will stink throughout the nomes....

The child shall live! The poison shall die! For RÔ liveth and the poison dieth. Horus shall be saved through his mother Isis, and he who is stricken shall likewise be saved."

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