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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Phtha View Post
Really, this forum 'prides' itself with that? I've never got that feeling here at all. To my perception it is just a bunch of people who know how brainwashed we are, and are trying to remedy the problem while taken exciting journeys from time to time. There is no overt pride here. I think that comment was a little bit of self projection dear abraxis. Do you believe in coincidence?

You like playing wordgames don't you.
Replace the word 'pride' with 'statement of purpose' and you get a better 'meaning' of what I mean.
Agreed, the word 'pride' was not the best choice.
The word 'pride' also means a group of lions and they reflect on my motives for sure.

If one types so many replies, the first word entering one's mind is often not the best choice, but should, on average convey the overall meaning.

Jesters like you then sit in their judgement seats and nitpick sentences to find something to object to.

Well done Phtah, you have done no service to your Ren of Ptah - the universal architect!

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