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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Phtha View Post
Hello friend Sirebard,

I was hoping you could list all the different types of energy that you are aware of, and what their higher and lower harmonics manifest as, starting from the highest octave to lowest with each type. I'm curious as to whether there is only one type of energy that manifests differently in each density or if each type of energy is unique to itself ect...

Dear Phtah!

One of the most prevalent (and justified) critiques of the skeptics is the prevalent use of the word 'Energy' by the 'alternative communities', inclusive the 'New Agers'; without a definitive description of what that 'Energy/Chi/Prana/Orgone/Mitogenetic Radiation/Spirit/...' actually is.

Energy has a number of precise meanings in the disciplines of science and most generally in the mechanistic sense as 'The parameter or thing which has the capacity to do work'.

This 'work doing' energy then becomes formalised (in equations and mathematical formulae), as the Force applied to displacement in Newtonian mechanics (say Torque=ForcexLeverarm in statics).

Moving past classical mechanics into quantum mechanics, this 'workbased' Energy becomes 'quantized' say in the Radiation Laws of Max Planck and also the nuclear energy contained in Einstein's famous matter-energy equivalence in E=mc^2.

Energy, in the modern sense so is a transformable quantity, measured in energy units (Joules and erg and Temperature couplings say).

This the physicist understands through the 'Laws of Nature'.
What the physicist does not yet understand; is that the quantum energy, heshe is able to describe in herhis formulations has its ORIGIN in a form of 'Energy' (the ones heshe doesn't understand) which made the one heshe knows a subset of the original one.

Call it superenergy if you like, but the superenergy (linked to the ZPE) is the 'parent' of the physicist's energy.

This can be thoroughly investigated and derived from the 'Big Bang' Energy, the 'Birth of the Universe' and in using the well defined equations of the physicist (Planck Parameters).

Your question then becomes too general and ambiguous to define in the terms of the standard physics; because this standard physics associates PRECISE meaning to a term such as a 'harmonic'.

Iow, the 'New Age' harmonic is related to the superenergy; whilst the physicists harmonic is associated with the Planck Law Energy E=hf.

So now you must do many things to 'harmonise' the superenergy with the energy:
1. Define precisely how the superenergy relates to the energy
2. Find the manner of interaction between those energies
3. Formulate this interaction between parental and offspring energies
4. Apply, experiment with and test those formulations to the COMBINED superenergy+energy universe.

Doing this you will find, that there is indeed an all-encompassing spirit or superenergy and quite amenable to definition by the formulations of the physicist's energy.

If you read some of my earlier posts, I have given the details of this wormhole energy or 'ElectroMagnetoMonopolic Radiation' aka 'Holy Spirit' aka aka a number of times here.

The many metaphysical systems found on this forum and other links; all can become patterned within a metaphysical superconstruct of this superenergy.


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