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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by JesterTerrestrial View Post
thank you i will see if i can find that and have a look.

What dose this mean? What is simply planed in 62 weeks from January? What kind of certiain information will be cut off? What what will be planed on this new date in December? Thanks for your replies.

It's the fulfilling of certain types of prophecy Universal Jester.
The 'power' of the 'Holy Roman Empire' of the last 1980 years or so derives from the establishment of archetypical structures.
Knowing of those structures, allowed the PTB to confiscate the 'human groupmind', as these archetypes cannot be 'ignored'.
It's like the Zodiac of Mesopotamia (and others like the Chinese of course).
The construction EXISTS, irrespective of the skeptics and the debunkers, claiming this or that regarding ist efficiency and scientific validity.

So to DISEMPOWER the 'archetypes', say as 'astrology', 'numerology' or the 'Holy Roman Empire' (in politics and religion of course); the archetypes themselves must be REDEFINED or RETRANSLATED.

In terms of religion, this was precisely the cause of the world wars.
To 'get rid' of the 'prophecied second coming'; the PTB attempted to manufacture and 'force' it in THEIR retranslation of the archetypes.

The polarisation on this thread between the pro-Thubanites and the anti-Thubanites is the same archetype or MEME manifesting itself as a group-consciousness.

In the second WW it was Hitler's Agartha of the Luminari versus the so characterised Jewish Shamballa of the Illuminati.
Both however, as many here now, are but faces of the same coin, the Brotherhood of the Snake under the auspices of Abraxas aka Abrasax.

Of course, the 1000-year Reich did not eventuate in the Agartha sense, but since has become the attempt by the Illuminati to manifest, say coinciding with the hype of the 2012.

Ok then, this will backfire for all 'brotherhoods'; as the 2nd Order of Abraxas has become absorbed in the 1st Order of the LOGOS.

So the 1st Order has 'overruled' the timeline manipulations of the 2nd and 3rd orders (attempted for the last 4000 years in the present human civilisation) and it is this timeline the Thubanese dispensation is addressing AS AN OFFERING to the 1st Order.

So then should the 1st Order of the Universe accept this 'offering' as a ''Story Told'; then the archetypes will be changed in concordance with the Retranslations of what is here termed the Council of Thuban.
Recall THUBAN=FREEDOM=66=WOMAN, the WOMAN being not Gaia, but the UNIVERSAL MOther as the creation itself.


Interesting. What do they say is the greater time line events?
I shall publish details when so appropriate dear Jester of the Universe.

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