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Default Re: urban survival... More quakes on the way 2010!

Originally Posted by gibonos View Post
Stardustaquarion you miss my point which is:
cyclic refreshments of our home (earth) happens over so often and we can't change it, pure physics. I'm not saying that what you say is not true.
What I say is we have to deal with whatever is coming,
by hoping that our dna is changed or activated again we can wait forever,
like those who wait for their saviours.
Better be safe than sorry, explore all possibilities, especially spiritual,
but we can't forget that we live in physical universe and have to get ready to it as well.

Taking responsobility for one self, not relying on anyone, being sovereign is way to go.
Once you take back control over your life, can start forming communities and than take care of the planet. Planet is better off in places where there are no humans.
So whos looking after who? Shes our mommy and we are her children :-)

This is not just a physical universe, there are many dimension but I will not enter into that here

I agree that the only way forward is to be self responsible, but we are doing more than that, we are helping the planet now

From the perspective of how detructive humanity has becomed I agree that it seems that it will be better of without it but, it is like saying to you body I am better of without my heart ??? it can not be done..

I don't ask you to believe me but, have you read the two summaries that are Official release N1 from the MCEO Guardian Alliance that represent the Interdimensional Alliance of Free worlds? If not the links are in my page, I will be interested in your conclussions

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