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Default Re: urban survival... More quakes on the way 2010!

hey, glad to hear you had dreams of only waves crashing unto cars... However, those waves could be caused by a quake. At least your in the mountains unlike me! Keep me/us posted with any more dreams you may have.

interesting that you were warned of the 911 attack through a dream... It is my feeling that any dreams now would be for the immediate future. Things/events seem to be happening pretty fast.

Originally Posted by shiftmonkey View Post
I haven't had dreams of an earthquake but about a month ago I did have a dream of waves overtaking cars. Don't know if it was California but I live in California- thankfully I'm in the mountains and not near the coast. I think I may be tuned to prophetic type dreams because I had repeating dreams of a plane crashing into a major city years before the 911 thing and I was living in NY at the time.
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