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Default Re: urban survival... More quakes on the way 2010!

Voyagers, The Secrets of Amenti, copywrite 2002 by Ashayana Deane:

Only human biology possesses the security codes to Earth's Templar, because the Angelic Human Species was created as the legitimate Guardian race of this planet, and thus received from the Founders Races the Planetary Stargate Codes of Earth and the Halls of Amenti Star Gates within the biological design of the species DNA Template. This fact of human biology has been the primary reason that humans have been historically preyed upon by Fallen Angelic legions, but has also served as our primary means of protection from being completely destroyed by the Fallen Angelics in their quest for the Halls of Amenti; as long as we are needed to open Earth's Star Gate Security Seals they don't dare to destroy us if they hope to gain control of the Hall of Amenti Star Gates. Once we have been sufficiently used to open the Templar Security Codes of Earth during an active SAC, we rapidly become expendable.

Humans are the greatest threat to the Fallen Angelic Agenda, and for this reason they have gone to great lengths to ensure our genetically induced race amnesia and our ignorance of the Sacred Science Physics knowledge through which humanity can regain its intended guardianship of Earth's Templar Complex star gate system.

The contemporary hidden battle with the Fallen Angelic ET Legions cannot be won with external weapons and overt war;... knowledge of genuine spirituality, Personal and Planetary Templar Mechanics and the dynamics of human biology and DNA will be the deciding factors in this final conflict drama.

did not mean to be 'off topic'... but wanted to 'bump' Stardustaquarians's post just above and give a bit more to Sammytray's inquiry... Stardustacquarian page has some great leads for those new to this work. thank you

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