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Default Re: urban survival... More quakes on the way 2010!

I will agree... Could there be enough despair in the US to trigger up and coming natural disasters? It seems so.

Originally Posted by Steven View Post
Hello Sammytray. I just want to let this small thought on your thread.

On a larger scheme, Earth movement and activities are always inlfuences first by the global consciousness of humanity. It might happen to have 6 large earthquakes in 2010, but we must not forget it will happen because there is also "Earthquake of despair" in the consciousness of millions of people. Thus creating a "built up" of Creative energies around certain type of "ideas and thoughts". Earth react to it and the historical "weak spot" are often the ones that let all this energy to "transit" form one form to another.

It reminds me of two anecdotes about the Tsunami of 2004. A post I made last year... Everything is Alive...
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