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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by viking View Post
Hello Abaxanus...

Yes, I as well would like to thank you for your dedication with this thread...amazing amount of info...I need to read a couple of times for it to sink in...Hey, I am just a mere human...

Can I ask you a few questions please?

If you are who you say you are, and you have a genuine message for mankind, so to speak...

Why are you singing this tune to such a small audience? ... Surely you need to reach a much wider audience!...

I am not doing this on 'my' behalf, but on OUR behalf. I do know the general timeline, but I do not know the details of this timeline until these are transmitted to me. In some way I am learning what comes next in interacting here. All teachers are also students. I am not really a teacher but a simple councillor and scribe and witess to the things coming.

Perhaps you are pushing the message on various other forums? Yes?

No, I run some forums in my name of John Shadow; but on these forums the 'rigidity' of thinking is far more 'mainstream' (and manipulated) as here.
I am doing what I am doing as long as it shall last or be appropriate.

Sorry, I don't mean to demean your efforts in any way on the contrary I commend you on your thread which has been injected with huge information and some wisdom. There are a couple of topics I would disagree with!

Many disagree with many things. Some agree with most things and some agree with some things. This is as it should be.
To accept everything I share as some 'New Commandment from Thuban' would be MOST counterproductive and stifle your evolution to DISCOVER yourself in the grandest manner possible.

Also what is your understanding with regard to 'The Universal Laws of creation'?

My understanding of 'The Universal Laws of Creation' are the THUBANESE VERSION. I am sure there are many other versions there for your discernment and comparison.

A lot of my work is a little technical and suffused with what is known as 'Universal Insight/Gnosis' or the 'perennial Philosophy' (Wisdom of the Ancients).
This link gives access:

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