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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Thank you for the reply Abraxasinas. I'm impressed by the time and dedication you give to answer all people here .

Thank you for your answer, interesting. You refer the "Great Galactic War" mentioned by the andromedan as not from our dimension and prime to our Universe. It is not the case dear. Not the same event.

And the founder or "Paa Taal" are from unknown origin according to the andromedan, most probably not from Draconian origin, because they are not from our Universe, always according to the andromedan.

So in other word, if I follow the logic of the Thuban material. The draconian are descendant of the "founder". They are native of this Universe and not the cause of the "Great Galactic War" that occurred in the past history of our galaxy...

It is almost 180 degree opposite from what Alex Collier message received from the andromedans. I suspect the Thuban material being created by the draconian interventionists in the purpose to mislead Earth people into false doctrine to influence them further on the path of servitude...

Thank you for your time, Steven
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