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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

I JUST found this thread and I'm hating myself for it because I'm only up to like page 4 and it ends in 3 days so I wanted to skip ahead and ask abraxas some questions...

I've been battling addiction with a substance for a couple of years now, it started out because of a chronic pain disease with no cure that I developed, both the disease and addiction have pretty much ruined my life and made me really depressed... is there any advice you could give me?

I've read as most as I could so far and tried my best to understand it, I just have some questions about things that have never really been clear to me..

-in 2012 when earth 'ascends' or changes or whatever it is that's going to happen, will we still be alive in our current physical bodies?

-I was intrigued by the idea of people ascending to '4th density', now I'm more intrigued by the higher densities and dimensions, once again, I have to ask, do we retain our physical body once we ascend to those higher densities or dimensions(sorry still not quite clear on the difference between the terms), or is the ascension process something that happens over thousands of years and after many incarnations?(but then what about 2012 ascension?)

-Do you know what chemtrails are?

-What's your opinion on the movie "Avatar"?

-And lastly, and sorry if this has this been discussd because I imagine it has.. but Haiti earthquake.. I've never felt so devastated at a 'natural'(or haarp-created) disaster ever in my life, I think I've cried over it several times, a lot of people seem to be affected as well.. what do you make of this?

I'll appreciate it quite a bit if you could answer any of my questions, especially the first one I asked you. Thanks.
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