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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

We will not ever know where to start until we are taught, shown to our satisfactions, the truth of our origins... and, as you can imagine, there is quantified resistance to that happening.

Subject of Free Will needs definition, I am SURE that most of us are not under standing what it is this "Free Will" IS, of which so many speak of so readily, cavalierly, but I suspect holds more depth..
I am just sure there is much more to this subject of "free will".
that's all folks!

I suspect that the perception of non-interference of "benevolent" or "rightness guidance" lead is our inability of self recognition of our own contribution toward the mess we are in.

I've been a participant/lurker of this site since it opened and am quite startled at the degree that others do not own their part in the mess we are in.

Brain-sweets-good nights sleep!
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