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Hi, All:

Many thanks for the very warm welcome. I've had a difficult day today and so it was much appreciated.

Apologies if I've missed any questions - if so, just ask them again

Originally Posted by TheChosen View Post
Personally I'd like to hear more on the topic of the Hyperdimensional Artificial Intelligence.. Has there been any new information?
Anunnaki technology (real-life, present-day) which the PTB have had for some twenty years now.

Originally Posted by pyrangello View Post
Your opinion please :
1)Chemtrails- harmful , not harmful or a mixed bag around the world?

2)Flu- As it is subsiding the first wave can we expect wave 2 or 3 this year. Thanks for the D-3 advise too?

3)What are the percentage of white hats (good guys) around the world vs. the dark side, U.S. and world ?
1) Harmful

2) Personal opinion: we can expect the waves to keep coming. I think Deagle has it correctly assessed. How serious it'll be - I think there may be problems, but not as great as intended or feared.

3) Great question. If you mean on the inside, as a pure personal (conservative) guess I'd say 15% are actively good, 15% are bad, and the rest are just keeping their heads down and doing their job. I may be WAY wrong about those numbers. I doubt that the white hat numbers are less. They could be a lot more.

Originally Posted by GaiaLove View Post
Has there been any news of disclosure as the Nov27 date came and went and now we are hearing mention of January or February. Is that the case or is the plan to disclose been squashed yet?
Deafening silence. No new information. We weren't holding our breaths, and were not surprised that nothing happened. We reported what Peterson was told and what he shared with us. He himself pointed out immediately that it was just a plan, and that plans can change. But there is certainly a steady build-up and preparation for something, sometime. What and when, we have to see.

Originally Posted by smat View Post
I'm just wondering what your opnion on 'Cristopher Story'
We no longer pay any attention to him. Nothing we have ever heard from anyone, ever, corroborates any of his information.

All best wishes, Bill
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