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Default Re: E.T. 101 The Cosmic Instruction Manual for Planetary Evolution

One of the interesting things about E.T. 101, is that you can be a
a card carrying member of the Galactic Federation!

From the book and website:

"Creative License

If you do not already have a Creative License, we suggest you apply for one immediately. We assure you it will come in very handy as you try to accomplish what it is you came here to do.

When you send in your application, be sure to indicate the level of creation you feel you are capable of handling. Once your application is received, Mission Control will check its own files to see if the class of license you have applied for matches our data concerning the creative skills you can manage. Even though Mission Control already knows the answer, we ask for your self-appraisal just to check your understanding of your role in the co-creative process.

In most cases, the class of license you request will be well below the level you can handle, in which event you will be issued a Learner's Permit. Please do not be insulted if this is what you receive. It is temporary and will be replaced by your real license as soon as you fully awaken to your creative capacity. The Learner's Permit is simply a safety precaution. A full-fledged Creative License requires total conscious control of the reality you are designing. It also grants you "driving" privileges outside your dimension. Unfortunately, losing control of your vehicle interdimensionally can cause an even worse traffic hazard than it does within the relatively safe confines of your planet.

Although you will not be asked to take a written exam, a heart/mind coordination test is a must. This mandatory examination will be administered to you on another dimension by our DMV staff. Also, when applying for your Creative License, you need not indicate whether you wear glasses, contacts, or are legally blind. Just tell us if you can see; that's all we want to know.

Note: You may apply for a Creative License on our website. Keep in mind that this passage was written for an earlier time and this license was intended to assist you in remembering your identity. We observed that the inhabitants of this planet did nothing without being licensed, as if the right were external to them, so we issued a license permitting you your birthright. You are free to wake up any moment now, with or without a license"

Of course, anyone can take creative license with something.
Personally, I find it extremely empowering to carry this in my wallet
as it is something I can hold in my hand to remind me of who I am
and what I am here for. I keep mine over my Driver's License to remind
me of where my true loyalties lie(spirit).

Where else can you get a License that identifies you as a "Multi-dimensional master" and "Light Donor"? The Class of the of License says "E.T.".... you get the idea.....

Check it out!

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