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Default Re: Healing list....put the name here ....

Originally Posted by Traveler View Post
Hello friends. It amazes me what the people here can do with their minds. I do not have any of these abilities yet. I have attempted many imagination exercises to recieve spiritual insight and abilities but I am always blocked by something. My energy is a mess and really needs multidimensional clearing. Sometimes I have trouble even thinking and remembering things. Unsure what to do except request healing of my energy blocks. I really want to help heal our planet and its life forms. Please add me to the list for a day or two. My name is William Ervin. Thanks to all.
Dear Travelar i feel you are a very beautifull person ....
im quite good at feeling these things... its not about what you cant do
its more about the love and beauty that you bring to the world ... i feel this you do and will do more of ... yes we will put you on the list tell us when to take you off .. your very welcome here friend ...namaste rhyhmm ...
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