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Thumbs up E.T. 101 The Cosmic Instruction Manual for Planetary Evolution

I wanted to share this book with those on the forum who may not have
heard of it.

It is an interesting, entertaining, and highly informative book for those
who came to the planet to assist in the shift to a higher dimension.
A little over a hundred pages, I found it an easy read and very effective at
raising my vibration.

It is written as an instruction manual(remedial version) for those
who left their particular galaxy to assist in the mission to Planet Earth
without reading the manual in the first place(oops).

From the cover:

Did you arrive on this planet without a set of instructions?

Have you ever secretly suspected that you were adopted from another,
less dysfunctional world?

Has your genetic coding been giving you trouble recently?

Do you vaguely recall a reason for being here, but are pretty sure your current job is not it?

E.T.101 is a tool to awaken you from your evolutionary slumber and remind you of what you already know, but have misfiled or forgotten-about yourself and the world around you. Each page of this little instruction manual for living will jolt you with fresh insights and diamond sharp wit.

This manual is a tranmission from fifth dimensional sources, written expressly for the awakening human population who asked that it be published. It is not a book. It is a technology-designed to zap you.

The author's web site can be found here:

From the website:

ET 101 has de-cloaked, by popular demand. If you are wondering who you are, ET 101 is the place to start. Although it may not ground you to this planet, it will put you back in touch with your other-dimensional roots. ET 101, an extraterrestrial classic, rings true with evolutionary pioneers because it talks to their hearts...lightly!
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