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Default Re: Full Disclosure...Soon!

As I recall, Wilcock did not target a specidic date other than to say before the end of the year. He does know the date, however he would not say due to the potential for change and to avoid the very criticisms that are now coming out.

Interesting to note: my gut is telling me there is something important about the security breach at the private White House on Nov 25th. I'm not exactly sure how it all fits together, however I feel something is there to inform us. There are no coincidences. Perhaps it was determined or known due to the overwhelming alternative media attention (even leaking into middle-of-the-road internet media sources) that the Nov 27th date presented a major safety hazard (if you catch my drift) to the president. The security breach offers an opportunity to inform the public (if you read between the lines) that the president may not have the necessary protection he needs to do the live disclosure... and so the the conference is canceled without much press or attention.

So now we have a 2 hour slot of time whittled down to a 30 min slot next Tuesday. Something very fishy about that. Apparently, an hour and 30 minutes worth of material has now been dropped. The information I do not have is: 1) when the Nov 27th date was canceled and 2) when the Dec 1st date at Westpoint was scheduled. It could be that they were both on the books for a good while.

Anyway. I trust that disclosure will happen when enough security is in place to do so. I also trust that this will be soon, but it takes faith and assertion by us to help bring it into reality. If you are able, please avoid the negativity and focus on the possibilities.
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