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Default Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM

interesting thread you have running here T3J pardon me for a second if I take it off track for a second but i have noticed on a few threads this one included that several people think that our world is overpopulated.

I beg to differ for these reasons We used to feed communities with our farms growing all the required vegetables in the local community rotating the crops to different fields so as to allow for the proper nutreients to replenish the fields the following season. Now we feed countries using manufactured chemicals rarely rotating the crops and have taken vast amounts of useable land out of farming and used it for other purposes . In doing so we rely on other nations to grow some types of food that was normally grown in the nations we live in. What needs to happen is the return to community farming and there will be enough food to feed everyone industrial farming is done .

Of course having weapons like those that can currently alter weather patterns only adds fuel to the fire and that if the weather was left alone to mother nature or used to increase the growing of food overpopulation would simply be a no brainer. There is all kinds of room on this planet for all of us. and the people that believe we have to many and I mean really think that overpopulation is a problem that must be addressed now........... have it within there means to do it everyday they can take matters into thier hands and simply step in front of a bus or truck walk across a six lane highway at rush hour and they will have done thier part to alieviate the overpopulation problem they were worried about............. Sorry for the interuption we return you to your previously viewed thread

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