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Exclamation Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! This Brook Girl has it going on!!!!!!!!!!!!! More! More! More! The power of your message is jumping off the screen and my hair is standing up as it is good to hear someone walking the truth!!!!

A lot of this stuff is diluted, corrupt, and I could go on and on. We have the right to KNOW!
I have tried to state the differences with this knowing and believing as passed down to me from the hard headed lessons I had to learn. But I broke those chains of the Believing in order to do that.

Another thing that gets me now is that a lot of the who's I have run into won't look at the whole picture. They refuse to see all sides of it. They only pick the side that make them feel, key word feel, feel warm and fuzzy. Many claim to just transcend the whole thing but haven't been able to do that because they have not embraced their inner knowing. They only try to embrace the parts that make them feel all lovey dovey. Those are limitations of the entirety of all that you are, and if you don't face all sides of who you are, how do you expect to really burst forth in all of your glory? Know thyself. All of thy self. If you don't see love as a polarity, then you might want to consider that it has an opposite polarity. If love didn't have that opposite, then love would not exist. How can you have one without the other? Your feelings act out of polarity differences one way or the other.

What makes us so unique on top of all that is that of our 12 blocks of DNA. That is 12th dimensional. Which gives a unique advantage in terms of being compared to other races and civilizations. Where they may be limited with 10 blocks and can only ascend as high as the 10th dimension. And we let them control us because of why? Out of sheer ignorance. That is also a choice. Now if that don't make some people mad? It should make everyone mad as HELL!

It made me mad! It made me mad when I discovered how we have been violated through the dumbing down process. You have the right to know! You have the right to know yourself. How one does that is not by researching outside of themselves. The real search is within yourself. What the beauty of that is, is your inner self won't lie to you. It is alright to be aware of your surroundings and all the things you engage in. But it is very much separate as to who you really are. The power of self discovery is indeed an empowering thing. By believing, you become detached from your inner self and you end up playing a fool's game. If knowledge is at one single point and only the foolish multiply that, what do you think that means? All knowledge is available to you in the template of one. Anything you want to know anything about can be accessed in all of the is-ness. You don't even have to read about it because that connection to the is-ness, will let you experience it. For example, you can literally experience some one else who has had an experience, without you even experiencing that experience in your own life. The tools are there too! They are available when you require them to be available. You don't even have to ask. It just happens. It starts with simple meditation. Everyone can do that. Expand it and you will discover more. Go at your own speed and with practice like with anything else, it will become second nature. As you progress, you will find deeper knowing. Clear the stuff away as you go. Whatever that takes. Do it with a friend so you can compare notes. It can be also a wonderful experience to do with the one your with.

Polarity is another thing that people want to refuse or accept. Energy doesn't flow, doesn't move, without polarity. When you do any kind of energy work you are always dealing with polarities. Polarity is built into the construct of all that is. So when you do anything that involves movement, what ever it is, it can not move without polarity. That issue has been manipulated to keep you dumb downed. Prove it wrong. If something isn't moving it is because there is no polarity to move it. In which case it would not exist. We have to reverse engineer what lies we have been told. Likes attract likes and opposites repel. The opposites don't attract. Only only in a song. Polarity makes this work as everything exists is going from point A to point B. Balance is about just that. Balancing the polarities in your life. If you experience a lot of highs, you will also experience the lows because balance seeks itself out. You can't stay high all the time or low all the time. One day you're in a good mood and a few days later you are not in a good mood. It is very simple to see this at work. The higher you go the lower you will also go. Like mood swings. The key is to control the polarity swings to where you feel good but not overly excited and when you feel bad, it won't be as bad. This is where all of your inner aspects play out. Like the ego that everyone seems to want to erase. If you control your ego and keep it to a minimal, things don't get out of control. Look around you and you can see this principle at work if you can't see it in the mirror of self. So if you ignore the polarities then you are ignoring a part of you that contains those polarities and you won't be able to move in the direction that you desire. That is a sample of self ignorance. To transcend one must take those polarities, such as love and hate, and neutralized them to create resonance. An Angelic example is like the marriage of the male and the female polarities within you to where they meld and become one. So just know that you won't be able to transcend until you do this work. Take a course on Electronic principles to acquaint yourself with the terms and basic principle as to electricity and how it works. We are electric and those basics will apply.

We are already ASCENDED BEINGS. Wouldn't you like to meet who you are. Dig within, and you may end up using a big shovel just to remove all the second hand information that you have buried yourself under. Shed that stuff. Get it out of your way. The freedom you seek is within you. Get rid of the balls and chains that are weighing you down. Why keep those attachments when they do not serve your highest good. Isn't that what we are after? Define what you want. Then do what it takes to attain it. If you want to be enslaved, then don't even bother looking within. Stay brainwashed if that is what you choose. But when the manure hits the fan, don't decide in the last second of your chosen path to change your mind and direction, because it will already be to late. There is a saying that if you think you now need a body guard, it is already to late.

How many times have I gone through persecution of what I have revealed, and let's say a person who has been persecuting me of what I have experienced, like a ghost in my room that I have seen? I tell the story and I'm now getting it from all directions from a person.Then the following days ahead, this same person experiences a ghost. Well guess what, he freaks out and who does he call? Me. Now I am going to be tested on my compassion. Because now, my ego steps in and says screw this guy. Talk about balancing stuff like that. The fact is I didn't come here to lie, deceive, to be arrogant, or any other lower accusations that humans do or say. My time is getting shorter and all I am trying to do is get the message out there to reverse engineer yourself. All this comes from compassion. That is of the heart. Not the ego.

Brook said it straight up and it is music to my ears to hear some else getting it. Don't kid yourself as I also know others who have gotten it and contribute their inner gifts and talents because they know themselves. They also do it freely without duality hang ups like conditions. Take the risk and risk it all on yourself. Make that commitment to know the truth of who you are and you will be richly rewarded for doing so.

Great posting Brook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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