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Default Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM

Something is definitely brewing but the way I see it now, time is nothing but an outdated mechanism. The days and nights are going by too fast to a point where they're pretty much useless. We might as well stop trying to plan our day using time because when you think of it, just imagine this scenario:

You are in the middle of a forest with no access to a computer, clock or even a cell phone with a clock. You feel calm, relaxed and you're like, "hey, why do I need to be in a hurry? Let's enjoy the scenery!" Now, imagine for a minute that you do this in any setting by learning how to turn off the "clock" that runs inside of your body? You relax, you take your time and you enjoy life more.

That's all time is. It's a mechanism for "timing" the "game" that we play with our everyday lives. Once we learn how to relax more, time can no longer master us. That's my view of other dimensions and I think we are currently in a dimension where time is no longer relevant and this is becoming clearer with each passing day. I don't see things, I don't hear things and I certainly don't expect anything drastic. Rather, I experience this dimensional shift every single day without realization.

Deja vu seems to happen more often and there are often "gaps" in time when something that should have taken more time actually takes LESS time and visa-versa.
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