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Default Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM

We are more than it appears, infinitely more. We win the game when we stop reacting to it. When we realize it's really just a big movie set, and we're much more than the role we've been playing, then we're free. Time to move on up and continue with real life beyond the illusion matrix.

The devil wins when we react to it, the devil loses when you laugh at it.

The power is in you to do so. Call on the divine, be One with it, it is your true nature.


We are all divine Beings having a material experience. This is your world to take dominion over.

We will do so when we are in the game, but not of the game, we see clearly it is a game, a movie, a stage play and we are much more than it. For the world is a stage and all of us people are the players. One day we wake up, we stop being 'played' and we remember who we are beyond the movie script, infinitely more.

Let us surpass our expectations for the reasons we volunteered to come here and have a magnificent impact in raising up and healing this planet.

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