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Default Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM

There is so much light being directed on the planet right now. It's a good thing! Because we sure have needed it. You can tell just by looking around. Even people that you would deem normal are fine one minute and then freak out the next. The light is slowly exposing the darkness out of the shadows. Wherever the shadows maybe hiding. It is also gathering and things will escalate because that is the nature of light. Speed. Vibration being the product of frequency times energy.

I have seen a vision of where this Planet speeds up so fast that it becomes a small star. If that happens, the Reptilians can kiss their butts good-bye. It is a scenario that I hope with all of my being. The days of servitude will be forever wiped out. Unconditional Love will be the new ruler. Gaia will finally ascend and we can either stay or go home. I don't know about you out there but home sounds really good to me.

That is why it is important that everyone who are able, to continue the work within. It will only speed up the frequency of the Planet as you are connected through your root chakra. It only contributes or adds to that frequency of the Planet. That is why it is important that those who can shed the stuff of resistance to do so as that will increase and channel the power from your Divine spark within. Simple electronic principles at work and you are the energy source combined with all the other energy sources to make it happen.

Your life force is anchored to this Planet and the goal is to become a conduit of least resistance. That is why we have the potential of becoming very powerful. In this scenario it is going to be how we finish. We have volunteered. We exercised our free agency to be part of this. Many on the outside off world have told us on so many occasions how special we all are. It is because of what we can do, our potential. Your potential is to be a living channel in the first hand. The mechanics are simple and most of you know them already. When you meditate. Do it standing up. Energy comes through your crown chakra down through your other chakras and out through your root chakra straight into the Earth. A conduit of energy. Now when you open that crown chakra and let all this light come in and flow through you, you amplify this energy. Now if everyone who could would at the same time all across the world, this paradigm of servitude would be over.

The big secret that they don't want you to know is that you are already an ascended being. So I scratch my head when I see others chasing something they have already within in the name of ascension. It is another way to distract you from this very truth. Add to this that the ones seeking ascension are seeking it for themselves outside of themselves using second hand methods. So you have something equated to STS and in the second hand. That's dis-empowering from everything in basic spirit 101 here on the Planet. Ask yourself this. Why does the God Spark within you have to achieve ascension? Isn't the God Spark already the God Spark? Ponder this and try not to complicate it. It isn't complicated.
It is merely PROFOUND!

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