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Default Re: Something is a brewing, HMMMM

Originally Posted by Myplanet2 View Post
I was completely serious when I said this was a game. It's so obvious when looked at from outside. My wife yesterday recounted the story of an experience she had a few months back, where she was driving to the store and 3D flickered and winked out for a couple of seconds intermittently. Her 9th Dimensional Pleiadian guides told her she slipped through the "veil" to another dimension momentarily, and then put things back as they were. I've personally had the "hologram" waver and bend and twist, to where space was not uniform. These types of experience show things not to be as solid and rigid as they pretend to be.

I'm not sure how you are connecting dots here, because I don't interact with any new age religions, or even know what they are. The game here is extreme "highs and lows in polarity". So hell yeah, it can seem serious, but looked at from above, it's no more serious than stubbing the toe. War, death, pain, hatred, abuse, etc, at the end of the day, is no more serious than stubbing the toe. War is a stepped up football game, or chess game. Same thing only bigger and more extremes piled on.

No, there is no one to give ones responsibility and power to. Nobody in a position to receive such, would accept it. They know why we are here, and what we are here to do.

This isn't about giving up, or being a victim. Again, I don't know how you connect those things with likening what we are doing to a game.

What is not obvious from within this game, is that it has already been won. The game is over, and the contestants are still standing there on either side of the line in the sand saying "yeah???? What of it???? you want to go again????"

The idea of winners and losers or even gloating winners and sore losers, is only possible within the game. The game just needs exiting. just put down the football. It's over. We won. Walk away from the line, and so will the other "side". They are only still standing there glaring at you, because you are still standing there glaring at them.
I consider life to be a game of sorts...and that game playing gives meaning and interest to life. The key is to engage in Constructive Competition rather than Destructive Competition. Honest and productive business is an example of Constructive Competition. War is an example of Destructive Competition. This is an extremely important point. Competition and Game Playing are integral parts of Freedom. But Freedom must be Responsible...and Competition must be Constructive.
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