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Default Things that make you go hmmm?!?

It's when news articles such as this come out that I wonder how crazy this world really is.... I mean seriously! With all the cancer causing **** they put in our food as it is, do they really think this will affect us?... They allow cancer causing pesticides, gmo's and what not, and they plan on annihilating the natural health sources with CODEX pretty much wiping out our health (If we're not smart enough to know better) and they think this really matters??? Healthy food is more expensive, while junk food with no nutritional worth whatsoever is quite cheaper... If the food is dead then guess what you become?
This ties it all in... Minimum wages + media manipulation + taxes + fines + FDA approval's + pharmaceutical manipulation + ridiculous education system + blatent mind manipulation + unnecessary wars and deaths for the sake of money = a depressed state of mind feeling isolated and scared turning to drugs and alcohol with no sense of nothing but Kraft Dinner and Mr Noodles as a staple diet which leads slaves to lives of ill health lacking a sense of community and unity which makes one emotionally, mentally and/or physically ill ... which we ALL know equals PROFIT!...

I forgot to mention that I left a lot things out in this post as you know eg. corrupt corporate takeover of our world etc etc... However my questions remain... Why do we allow this? And why won't people wake up to it? Is it the true loss of sense of self through media manipulation? Are people reallly this blind? Or are they really that scared of the truth?

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