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Default Re: Swine flu vaccine will need compensation program: Expert

Originally Posted by NorthernSantuary View Post
I assume the vaccine is optional. Is this true? Ican't imagine a mandatory vaccine, and they don't want to be liable, beyond the fact that we are sovereign beings.
Currently it is optional, however the WHO has the power to make it mandatory in every country, which is exactly what they're pushing for - hard. As for being held liable, they're not. Due to a Phase 6 being declared and new emergency measures taken, neither government nor the vaccine company is held accountable. We may be sovereign beings but that doesn't mean we'll be treated as such.

That's what the big fuss is all about right now. There's evidence to suggest that these vaccines are going to be used to weaken peoples immune system. As each day goes by more and more people are pushing for mandatory vaccination - with a vaccine that hasn't been properly tested.

This is serious ****!
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