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Originally Posted by eXchanger View Post
i am from mississauga,
and, have been doing indepth research
on the creation of a City of Light

i am susan
aka the eXchanger
I do not know much about a city of light -- sounds interesting. Would you mind explaining more about that?

Hubby and I live in Mississauga and we have accidentally veered into the field of energy work and remote healing although we are well read up on the illuminati, ETs, etc., PLUS our own insights as a result of our sessions.

What we asked ourselves -- what is the quickest and best way to discreate energy ridges? The initial answer is to find two people, possibly in the North York, Scarborough region and experiment with forming a human battery (I'm neither an electrician nor electronics expert). There have been some levitation experiments where this worked out well and we wish to apply it to negative energy ridges.

The fewer negative energy ridges one lugs around the closer they get to an earlier state of Light Body, although that too is nothing but a lesser bunch of energy ridges, thus not the ultimate state.

If anyone is interested in the "Human Battery" experiment or has any data that would help us with this, please PM me, thank you.

Also, now that we have practically perfected extracting memories from past lives we are starting to look at future time 'memories' too, but we just do not have enough time (yet) to conduct all the research we envision.

Having loads of fun in Mississauga
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