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Default Re: What does this mean....for you

Richard T: "But it is definitely not the composition of an alternate reality, a reality to which the mortal identifies, that allows those mortals to believe that they are creators. They are on a track fixed by the manipulation of energies that support for them the illusion of free will so that they do not totally decompose psychologically to recompose as they will."

WOW, wowee!... THAT rings SO right! Very powerful statement that I've been "onto" for some time.

"What is fundamentally important for an individual that must switch from devolution to evolution is to realize that he must not identify with the form and start the journey of climbing the thread of the energy of thought to eventually identify its source."

I've been practicing this Observer mode of thoughts likened to Amates description, however, I find the "climbing the thread.. to its source" difficult to do. How does one do that exactly? I ask this because I marvel at your articulation RT... I'm sure you can expound. Thank you SO much.

I had, yrs ago, heard someone say that Mind is itself a creation. I'm not meaning to distract from the former question, it's just some things nag on. So, here I admit that I've been successfully distracted from persuing the topic of consciousness, thoughts and such for yrs and now find myself in a space (not working an outside job) to once again, learn from others,what appears Vital for self Evolution.
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