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Default Re: The Cure For Cancer

I am the cure for cancer and for any other diseases that I consciously or unconsciously allow being any part of my eternal unlimited being. Because I am my whole reality and nothing happens without my permission. That's just one way to not only possibly help you understand but to defend yourself from any diseases. You shouldn't look at any disease as an attack on you because it's PART of YOU.

Kinda like your being in a very serious argument with a loved one. After such event you may soon decide to take that loved one back into your life as a "loved one" or not. To thank a disease for being part of your life experience is a start. To embrace it all as a needed experience in your life is another part of the whole reforming process, where you help reform that life... the life of the disease into a non-disease, or another kind of life or energy form. Next is your asking then allowing the disease to move on to another stage of life path education. In this case it's the stage of the disease either dying then passing through your body in some natural way. Or the disease, some or all of it, once again becomes less of a disease or more of a healthy operating part of your body. So long as it all no longer affects your health in major ways and where your life is back to it's normal ways.

Much more involved here, such as regular optimum meditations and visualizations. So if your going to do that you should definitely do some research and do regular deep meditations as well.

BTW if you don't believe in what I believe that's wonderful! If you do believe in what I believe then that's wonderful as well. Just glad to be here with open minds and hearts.

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