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Default Re: What does this mean....for you

Right on the money!

How to apply this idea/thought/construct is exactly what my intention is. Thanks for the links above, I will check them out now.

The heart mind...interesting.

How does one break from the Hive mind?
This is a hard one, for some.
We have only known to work with mind this is how we have been controlled, when the heart takes over we do disconnect.

How does one live in/with the heart mind?
That's easy! live at one with all when i say this i mean be at one with all living things, once you become one with everything and treat is as your equal you have finally found the truth of all.

How does one know when they are successful?
You will be happier with yourself no more self doubt but knowing, let your intuition take the lead not the mind. And do not fear this is the most powerful tool of the hive mind, through fear they cause chaos.

How does this help in the ascension process?
Because you are connecting back to source when you have finally found this key and this is what ascension is.

What are dreams? Heart minded or Hive minded?
I have often wondered this i would say both this is only my belief though perhaps someone with a greater knowledge of this someone like Abrax can answer this one.

Thanks for everything so far!That's okay you have a cute baby!

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