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Originally Posted by abraxasinas View Post
This is not the whole story eleni!

I have studied the wingmakers material thoroughly and it has been revised as stated by golfsierra.
For example I could figure out how a distance to the 'invading robots of 2011' had been changed to conform with scientific data.

What people seem to overlook is what the motive of the wingmakers material might be.
For the motive of the wingmakers material, you should ask the one who created it - Mark Hempel ! He is the only one in this universe who knows - all others are just making assumtionns and wild guesses.

Originally Posted by abraxasinas View Post
He has imo total access to the collective database of the human histories as a 'high echelon' insider and from this 'he' constructed the storyline of the 'ancient arrow site', the Anderson-15 agenda etc. etc.


So anyone having read the wingmaker material and having ben impressed by it, has NOT been deceived in terms of the information, but has been deceived as to the origin of the wingmakers.

Originally Posted by abraxasinas View Post
So I would advice anyone to take the data seriously indeed with the caveat, that James wingmaker 'knows what he knows' because he has had or has access to the HIGHEST database of the PTB.
Abraxas, you don't stand on solid ground.
Your statement is based on the assumption that
- James is a real person / entity
- there is something like a 'database of human history' (whoever created/ maintains it ?)
- a real 'Anderson-15 agenda' (whatever that might be ?)

All of that are speculations, unproven claims and hearsay.
To me, this is all the same nonsense like the whole 2012 discussion, which will turn out as paranoia like all the 'end of the world' rumors and claims that we have seen in 1999.

In 2012, nothing unusual will happpen. We might see another war, another economic crisis, maybe a new swine-flu, whatever - but the world will continue to exist as before.

How about spending your time with some real life issues: Speak with your kids / wife/ husband and spent some time with them, talk to your neighbors, raise some money for the victims of the Haiti earthquake or do something useful - reading / writing / talking about the wingmakers stuff and what 'might be the meaning of it' is totally waste of time for any intelligent human being.

Nuv said.

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