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Default Re: The Cure For Cancer

CLEVELAND -- A Cleveland State University professor accidentally stumbled upon a potential breakthrough in fighting cancer.

Dr. Michael Kalafatis was working on an experiment in the Cleveland State Chemistry Department involving blood coagulation when he discovered something totally unrelated.

The substance he was experimenting with killed cancer cells without damaging outside tissue. Cleveland Clinic researchers also tested his drug and found the same results, as did the National Institutes of Health, when they tested it on nearly 60 different cancer lines.

Now Dr. Kalafatis is trying to get funding to continue his research. While it looks promising in the lab, it may be several years, before it's ever tested on humans.

He has a very interesting patent app.

His faculty profile:
__________________________________________________ ___

My worry:
"So long Dr. Kalafatis, we hardly knew ye." But the medical profession is about treatment, not cure.

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