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Default Re: usa-john tate/ron paul - urgent

Phone Calls Continue to Batter Congress

Posted by Matt Holdridge on 03/20/10 12:55 PM

From Roll Call:

Members continued to be inundated with phone calls from constituents and interest groups Friday thanks to an impending vote on health care reform this weekend.

Calls to the House numbered close to 100,000 an hour, creating a bottleneck in a phone system only meant to handle 50,000 calls an hour. The chamber has been similarly overloaded for four consecutive days, beginning on Tuesday when radio host Rush Limbaugh told viewers to call the Capitol switchboard phone number.

Jeff Ventura, spokesman for Chief Administrative Officer Dan Beard, said the problem was essentially unsolvable. The issue lies with the capacity of the cables buried underneath the Capitol complex — and even if those could be dug up and replaced, Members simply don’t have enough staff to answer so many calls, he said.

“Our capacity rate is about 50,000 calls an hour, and once we hit the 40,000 mark, we start to get these signals,” he said. “We’re beyond that. There’s no other way to say it other than the system is at capacity.”
This means call your representative's district office or make a personal visit!

Also, encourage the people in your circle of influence to do the same. Now is the time to pull out the stops!


Virginia Attorney General: If Dems Ram Obamacare Through House He Will Be in Court Next Week

Posted by dljholt on 03/20/10 12:54 PM

Virginia Attorney General Kenneth T. Cuccinelli, II told Greta Van Susteren on Thursday that if Speaker Nancy Pelosi and democrats use the unconstitutional tactic, deem and pass, to ram Obamacare through.

VIDEO (1:35):

Here is the letter Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli sent to Speaker Pelosi:March 17, 2010 SEE LINK BELOW


Even the Left is Opposed to the Bill

Posted by Matt Holdridge on 03/20/10 12:54 PM

From the DailyCaller:

Jane Hamsher of the liberal blog firedoglake remains unenthused about the Democrats’ healthcare bill:

Real health care reform is the thing we’ve fought for from the start. It is desperately needed. But this bill falls short on many levels, and hurts many people more than it helps.

A middle class family of four making $66,370 will be forced to pay $5,243 per year for insurance. After basic necessities, this leaves them with $8,307 in discretionary income — out of which they would have to cover clothing, credit card and other debt, child care and education costs, in addition to $5,882 in annual out-of-pocket medical expenses for which families will be responsible. Many families who are already struggling to get by would be better off saving the $5,243 in insurance costs and paying their medical expenses directly, rather than being forced to by coverage they can’t afford the co-pays on.
Read the fact sheet that firedoglake put together concerning the bill here: it's very eyeopening.

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